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About Us

Welcome to Sydney Water-ski, a place where we connect buyers and sellers and deal with all activities concerning the sale and purchase of jetskis.

We are the number one channel to a wide range of water-skis in Australia with access to various dealership contacts.  Our company is blessed with gifted hands and innovative minds that are hardworking, diligent, and committed to promoting skiing acts in Australia. They are carefully selected based on standards and specific principles, and the company’s interests, which include


Our company is built on and strives solely on the truth. We are accountable to our clients for all the monies remitted to us on their behalf and very honest in our conversations. We give you the best and honest advice.


Trading can be challenging and involved with obstacles. We are trained to be problem solvers, especially as it relates to skiing. We satisfy all your needs through our marketing strategies and impressive negotiation skills.


We forge ahead always regardless of any obstacle and act in our clients' interests with passion and hunger for success. We believe in intelligent moves, discipline, diligence and outstanding skills to succeed with offers and deals.

Quality Service

One of the best words to describe our firm will be quality service delivery. Hence, we employ all skills and commitment to achieve the best result and satisfy your demands. We pay attention to even the minute details in your specifications to secure our clients their perfect deals.
Also, transactions do not involve complicated processes, and we deliver jobs timely without delay.
Hence, our company has a good reputation and stands out among our equals. Our services include selling your jetskis, buying your dream jet ski or insurance, and securing loans for financing.

Handsome sales manager calling customer


We deal with an extensive network of buyers constantly scouting for different designs of Jetskis. Hence, we act as agents and connect them to sellers. Whether new or old, we have excellent negotiation skills to secure the best offers at the most competitive price. We also do trade-ins. That is, buying a new jetski with an old one and an additional reduced price.


Purchasing Jetskis involve searching various outlets, negotiations and contractual obligations, which usually consumes time and efforts. Hence, it is best to leave us to handle it. We perform this function effortlessly and within time, based on your demands.

Third-Party Related Service


Buying most water transporting facilities is expensive and requires an external financing source, especially for those involved in the business. Financing encourages you to go ahead with your plans without necessarily break a bank. Our sources of financing offer different suitable options and convenient means of repayment. There are lots of benefits you are open to when you seek us for financing assistance.


Insurance is a means of protection against unforeseen harm or damage and covers other losses from fire incidents to third-party liabilities to life and accidents.

We buy different insurance policies based on recommendations or demands. We conduct research extensively, which leads us to positive results.

Sydney Water-ski looks forward to becoming the best-rated brokerage company dealing with jetskis trading with long years of experience.

Sydney Water Ski

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