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Like other products, watercraft come at varying prices that are relatively expensive, and new designs are released from one season to another. These unique designs are often an improvement of previous models and always very attractive at first sight. Also, the lack of adequate finances should never be a denial of what we want, especially when there are alternative means. Hence, one of the ways most individuals acquire new products is through the trade-in of old products.

Trade-in refers to exchanging old goods for new and with payment usually reduced from the original value. When you have an old or used boat, you may trade it in for a new one, in which case the value of your old boat is deducted from the market price of the new ship, and you will be required to pay the balance sum. Therefore, trade-in offers a great alternative to a new purchase or expensive restoration.

Our services include finding buyers for your used personal watercraft. However, before finding buyers for your PWC, we have it examined by our team of skilled technicians. They check out for the following features that may affect the sale.

Quality of Parts

The parts include the engine, fuel tank, hull design, among others. Any damage to any component will affect the jet ski value; hence, we review the quality of each part that made up the whole product. Our expert technicians are always on standby for their jobs.

Model Type
Data Storage and Protection

Finding a Buyer

After the valuation, we search for buyers by advertising to our network of private buyers, wholesalers and dealers. We communicate both online and offline.


Before sale, we prep your jetski by thoroughly cleaning its parts and replacing any damaged part.

Sale and Contracts

Furthermore, we finish the whole process with a sale agreement with the buyer or buying company. We complete all paper works and deliver them to you. Sydney water-ski is the best place for you to trade in your PWCs. Contact us today with the details provided below!

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