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The Waverunners

Jet skiing is a recreational sport that involves racing with a particular type of watercraft known as a jet ski. It is associated with powerboats running and a sport for maintaining good balance and gaining excellent coordination skills.

The existence of jet skis can be traced to a Japanese brand by the name Kawasaki. Today, there is another trademarked jetski runner manufactured by the famous Yamaha Company and are termed Waverunners. Waverunners come in different model series, and they include:

Waverunner Ex

It belongs to the rec-lite unit and is the most durable and efficient in the set. It is a 2021 model manufactured with a mighty engine and exciting recreational features. Interestingly, the Waverunner Ex, made from a lightweight hull, is quite affordable and valuable.

Its main features include a dry-sump lubrication system, electronically-managed fuel in a 50L tank, a 4-stroke marine engine operating on a compression level of 11:0:1 and a pressure pump 144m.

The features are organised to deliver unrivalled excitement on the sea. Likewise, its versatility, coordination and configuration make it more outstanding and unique in the series.

It is best for individuals searching for rugged and responsive jetski at a low budget.

Waverunner Ex-Deluxe
Waverunner VX Deluxe1

Waverunner VX Deluxe2

This set of VX Deluxe is distinct because of its speakers. It has similar features to the VX Deluxe1 but has an increased marine engine number- 1055cc and other optimised technological features. For instance, it has a new seat arrangement that is 4cm narrower than the previous boat and designed to help more little riders.

Unlike most VX models that lack speakers, it is installed with a customised system. It also has a glovebox with an LED lighting, a USB port used for phones and a 12V power socket.

VX Cruiser HO Without Installed Audio

It is a rebranded watercraft that came out with 2021 new models. Its features are power-packed, especially the displacement, which has been described as the industry’s most prominent. The engine is a 4stroke 1.8L which is very reliable.

Another interesting fact about the VX cruiser is its fuel efficiency. As its name implies, it is a cruiser and is used for all kinds of recreational activities on the sea.

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